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Who do I contact with Quality questions or concerns?

Send an email to and a Quality Assurance representative will assist you.


Do you have an example of a Certificate of Conformance (C of C)?

Yes. Please CLICK HERE to download a template for your use.


Do I really have to fill out the Bowhead Vendor Quality System Survey Form? Our company is a distributor, not a manufacturer. A lot of these questions are not relevant to us.

Yes. All suppliers are required to fill out the Bowhead Vendor Quality System Survey Form and submit it to There may be some questions on the form that do not apply to your company. For any questions that do not apply, select “N/A”.


Does Bowhead Manufacturing really monitor our performance? How?

Yes. Bowhead Manufacturing monitors its supplier’s quality and on-time delivery (OTD) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Each lot in a shipment is inspected for quality and on-time delivery performance. A Quality Deficiency Report (QDR) will be issued for any quality problem. A Supplier Corrective Action Report (SCAR) may be issued to establish a corrective action plan. Not meeting Bowhead’s quality and on-time delivery performance after requests for corrective action may lead to disqualification.


If our shipment had documentation issues, does that affect our Quality rating?

Yes. Missing or incomplete documentation, counts against your company’s quality rating. Common documentation issues include: missing or incomplete Certificate of Conformance and missing or incomplete FAI paperwork. It is important that all documents required by the Purchase Order are provided with the shipment. If there is a documentation issue, your company will be issued a Quality Deficiency Report (QDR) that stays in your Supplier file.


I shipped Bowhead’s order by the PO due date, but it is not scheduled to be at your facility for a couple of days. Is the shipment on-time since the tracking number shows it was shipped on the due date?

The PO Due Date on each line item of the purchase order shows when your order is due to arrive on Bowhead’s dock. This shipment would be considered late. Our Government customers depend on Bowhead, and you, our Supplier, to deliver product to them on schedule. For any questions or concerns about meeting the PO due date, contact your Bowhead Buyer.


How do I know when Bowhead requires a First Article Inspection (FAI)?

Once you receive a purchase order, you will either see “Manufacturer Name; First Article Inspect Required” on the PO line item, or the FAI requirement will show on a separate PO line item. If you are a build-to-print company and you have not received an FAI Approval Letter for the part number and revision you are providing, expect to see First Article Inspection required.


What do I have to include on my First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)?

The FAIR can be provided in supplier format and should include documented verification of all requirements to, as applicable, the drawing, specification and purchase order requirements. Common FAIR documentation requirements include: raw material specification certifications, test reports, dimension verification within required tolerances, special process certifications and sub-tier supplier’s Certificate of Conformance. It is also imperative your documentation clearly shows the part number/drawing number and drawing/part revision level match the purchase order.


I received a purchase order with a DPAS rating. What is DPAS and what do I have to do when I see it?

DPAS stands for Defense Priorities and Allocations System. The Government uses it to prioritize national defense-related contracts/orders throughout the U.S. Supply chain.

There are two levels of priority established by the DPAS regulation, identified by the rating symbol “DO” and “DX”. All DO rated orders have equal priority status with each other and take preference over unrated orders. All DX rated orders have equal status and take preference over DO rated orders and unrated orders. “DX” rated orders are of the highest national industrial priority and “DO” rated orders are critical to the national defense.

A DPAS rated order, and its specific rating, must be communicated throughout the supplier’s supply chain and noted on all pertinent internal documentation. A DPAS rated order takes priority over all commercial and nonrated orders from all customers.

Priority ratings are a four digit identifying code consisting of the rating symbol – DO or DX – and the program identification symbol, such as A1, A7, or C9.

If you would like to learn more, visit the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security website here.



Last Updated 11/13/2019