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Bowhead Program Management and Operations, LLC (BPMO) is proud to offer its engineering and program management services under the SeaPort Next Generation (SeaPort-NxG) MAC contract. Please contact us if you are interested in contracting or teaming opportunities.

SeaPort-NxG Benefits

  • No zone restrictions on bidding –As a prime, Bowhead can bid regardless of work location.
  • Broad functional areas – Divided into 12 engineering support services and 11 program management support services.
  • High emphasis on past performance – US Navy experience, as either prime or sub, to increase quality competition and reduce administration costs
  • More flexibility regarding contract types
  • Mandatory government user compliance with SOP to increase standardization and reduce cycle time

Bowhead Contact Information

Susan Wise-Ferguson
Call: (540)709-2126

Michael Hundley
BPMO General Manager
Call: (540)709-2111