UICGS Senior Vice President Visits BMSS’ Aviation Training Center

Pictured above from left to right front row: Deckhand Christian Oswalt, Senior Vice President Terry Moore, and Deckhand Steven Cook. Left to right back row: Captain Dale Croy (Project Manager), Captain Steven Day, and Captain Richard McLellan.


Rescue swimmer being hoisted.

UICGS Sr. VP Terry W. Moore visited the Bowhead Marine Support Services, LLC (BMSS) team who operate and maintain the Bowhead-owned vessels Alice A. Solomon and Andale in direct support of the re-awarded Aviation Training Center (ATC) contract. This contract provides vessel support services to train and certify aircraft Pilots, Aircrews, and Rescue Swimmers for the United States Coast Guard (USCG) missions of Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement. Small boat support is required to train USCG personnel in the techniques, tactics, and procedures used to deploy rescue equipment and devices from helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to a vessel, deploy and hoist rescue swimmers, the airborne use of force for non-compliant vessels, and Pilot instrument approaches to the water.