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Bowhead Logistics Management, LLC offers IT and Professional Services under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). Please contact us if you are interested in contracting or teaming opportunities.

GSA MAS Benefits

  • Negotiated contract ceiling prices
  • Opportunities for discounts at the order level
  • Single contracting vehicle to fulfill complex or ongoing needs and reduce overall contract awards and administration
  • Less administrative time and contract documentation, since the master contract is managed by GSA
  • Socioeconomic credit for orders awarded to small business and other socioeconomic categories
  • State, local, and tribal governments may be eligible to buy IT products and services under the Cooperative Purchasing Program.
  • Streamlined procurement procedures in FAR Subpart 8.4 Federal Supply Schedules

Bowhead Contact Information

JC Bott
Call: (410)2974161

Justin Corrigan
BLM General Manager
Call: (256)217-2018