Bowhead Opens Orlando, FL Facility

Bowhead Professional and Technical Solutions, LLC (BPTS) provides Product Line Management (PLM) support to the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD). To better facilitate the PLM contract operations and remain close to our customer, Bowhead’s Training & Simulation team invested in a spacious facility located at 12605 Challenger Parkway, Suite 140, Orlando, FL 32826. Our nearly 7,000 square-foot facility provides ready access to office, warehousing, and prototyping spaces for facilitating collaborative work of research, development, test, evaluation, acquisition, and product support on training systems for the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force.


Located less than five miles from NAWCTSD, Bowhead’s new state-of-the-art facility provides the opportunity to standardize NAWCTSD training systems such as:

  • Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment (STAVE)
  • Multi-purpose Reconfigurable Training System (MRTS)
  • Surface Training Interactive Courseware and Simulations (STICS)
  • Conning Officer Virtual Environment (COVE)
  • Surface Enterprise Network Guard (ENG)
  • Navy Education and Training Command (NETC) ECRs
  • Navy Education and Training Command (NETC) ECRs


The Orlando, FL facility allows Bowhead to create an environment where programs use common products (e.g., hardware, software, and materials), services (e.g., installation, sustainment), and personnel (e.g., system engineering, procurement) to maximize cost-savings and significantly reduce technical risk, all while adhering to tight scheduling constraints.