Bowhead Donates Equipment to the Gainesville Police Department.

Bowhead employee April Carlquist (middle) presents equipment to Kevin Phillips (right), Chief of Police of Gainesville, TX Police Department.

In an effort to give back to the local community, Bowhead Cybersecurity Solutions and Services, LLC recently donated equipment to the police department of Gainesville, TX. The donated items included batons, handcuff helpers, and break away subcaps, to name a few. Terry Moore, Sr. Vice President of UIC Government Services/Bowhead states, “As an Alaska Native Corporation, we honor the Iñupiat values in our business practices. Following the values of Sharing (Aviktuaqatigiigñiq) and Compassion (Nagliktuutiqaġniq), we selected the Gainesville police team given their current budgetary constraints and equipment needs.”

On September 19, 2019, April Carlquist of the Bowhead procurement team in Plano, TX, presented these items to Kevin Phillips, Chief of Police. Chief Phillips graciously accepted the donation remarking, “The Gainesville Police Department truly appreciates the additional resources that have been provided by Bowhead. Local governments in Texas are facing funding concerns due to recent changes by the Texas legislature. These donations will allow our Department to reallocate funding to other areas.”