Bowhead LogoMission, Vision, and Values

UIC Government Services looks to the cultural legacy of Northern Alaska for the values to guide its business efforts. The Iñupiat people—our inspiration—are a resilient tribe whose survival in a harsh environment requires mutual reliance, determination, adaptability, and strength of character. We are proud to uphold the rich cultural tradition of the Iñupiat people that are significant components of its business ethics.


Our cultural influences are evident in our mission and vision:

Our Mission: To partner with our customers delivering value-added cost-effective solutions and quality work that consistently meets or exceeds requirements, maximizing our value to our customers, employees, and shareholders.

Our Vision: To be the premier technical and professional service provider, manufacturer and products supplier, known and recognized for our quality, efficiency, and commitment to those we serve and to exemplify the values of our Inupiat shareholders.


As successful whalers, the Iñupiat people possess a deep-seated appreciation for effective planning, a common direction, and cooperative action. Over many centuries, they have developed a robust and supportive culture, which we bring to our business endeavors. We are founded on the following principles:

Sharing Responsibilities (Aviktuaqatigiigñiq): Our customers can depend upon an exceptional level of service. From senior management to program professionals, we ensure that customer concerns are our concerns. Only by serving our customers proficiently do we serve ourselves.

Respecting Relationships (Ilagiigñiq): We understand what we do and appreciate our connections to our customers. We respect the government’s intent when representatives seek contractor solutions and are dedicated to providing those solutions eagerly and with expertise.

Cooperation (Paammaaġigñiq): Together we can accomplish anything! Our employees know how to listen to our customers. We discern problems, develop solutions, and work efficiently toward those solutions, communicating with customers every step of the way.

Avoidance of Conflict (Paaqtaktautaiññiq): People are our strength. Our strong management controls encourage us to work positively and ethically with our customers for mutual accomplishment and to recognize conflict as a deterrent to progress.